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You may be familiar with an argumentative essay format and some of the core requirements or may be struggling with a topic using Thesaurus. Of course, as in old times, you can go to the library and spend the rest of your life trying to research information.

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Closer to Argumentative Essay Topics

Study Dots will fill out all the gaps in your studying process. We got an unlimited number of topics and rhetorical questions for writing an argumentative essay, which stands out! Complicated topics or dilemmas are not the limits; not for us. You can reach customer support at any time if having questions. Is there any changing of topics? No problem, we are ready and adaptable for emergencies! Just go straight to the official website, where you can find all the necessary information and get an argumentative essay writing help in less than five minutes!

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But, first, how do we get to an essay after choosing a topic? Let’s see what the core format is and how not to get lost on your way to a perfect paper!

What are the best argumentative essay topics? Can there be good or bad ones? Some with winning arguments so you can crush it at the very beginning. Well, Study Dots writers always have tons of ideas, but it doesn’t come easily. If you’ve decided to go for digging and proving yourself, let’s consider some examples:

Easy Argumentative Essay Topics

From the free education to obesity discussion – just pick the problem and feature the new sides to correlate. If you’re studying abroad, you can use an essay to compare different educational systems. There are no good argumentative essay topics that don't need any improvement. That's why ordering paper at Study Dots, you feel completely on the same level as a writer, researching and making conclusions.

Funny Argumentative Essay Topics

The easiest explanation is “Why not?” Make your life easier or use a little irony for a serious thesis. Compare movie characters (who won’t like the transfer of Harry Potter to our real world?), explore the futuristic television in the nearest century or apply chip into a human's brain to see if that's working the same as many Hollywood directors imagine.

Controversial Essay Topics

Do you want to mess with something serious? Take World War III, for instance, and who should prevent it? Or you can write about any other enduring issue. The topics for argumentative essays don't come out of anywhere – they need a base and strong arguments. Another great side of being controversial is that no one has the right answer. You may experience a personal connection with an idea, have read about it or someone told you a story. A lot of tasks students complete with Study Dots have an impromptu element inside. Because of our approach, a writer will fully understand you, your point of view and the viewpoint you'd like an essay to be written in.

Interesting Argumentative Essay Topics

What about the field you’re most interested in? Ask the teacher if there’s any chance to present an essay about modern technologies (like violent computer games or a dirty language in YouTube comments), sports or social media influence. Quite different, isn't it? The point is – don't be afraid to think largely. The good argumentative essay topics can be spontaneous, and that’s what will make them unique! Just to remind you, writers at Study Dots have tons of argumentative essay ideas. They can’t wait to share them with you! More and more problems get unsolved, and you can't be prepared for what's waiting for you inside an assignment.

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An Argumentative Essay Structure

There are still some students who prefer a topic assigned by the teacher. In any case, you need to research a lot before even start writing. An essay is not considered as fiction literature, so keep your fantasy to yourself.

To confidently present a topic you’ve chosen, you have to follow principles. The structure of an argumentative essay includes the following parts:

01. Argumentative Essay Outline

The primary focus is here. The reader is not familiar with your point. He or she needs to get to know it. Moreover, it better for any person to be interested in reading, even if the essay doesn’t match his or her life principles. To make a great argumentative essay introduction add these components: background of the main point, specifying details (but leave some intrigue too!) and a bit explanation why people should pay attention to this issue.

02. Body Paragraph

Arguments and claims are irreplaceable here. As one of the top services on writing essays, Study Dots will also give you a space to share your ideas. After ordering a paper within our website you won’t be alone with a task. We’ll find the iron proof to take your point to a reader and not in any way impose someone else’s opinion. Be sure about the quality and don’t hesitate to contact us if something goes wrong or you need to clarify some information.

03. Argumentative Essay Conclusion

The finish line, which should be perfect. Once an essay is ready, it should be polished and revised at least 3 times. You’ll be surprised by how many discrepancies you can find. It is better to use a method of a “fresh view” in this case: leave an essay for 1-2 hours, take a rest and then go back to edit. Your writer from Study Dots will never give you an unrevised essay. As the quality is our priority we try to make every single assignment 100% perfect and ready to meet any strict professor on its way.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is an Argumentative Essay?

The relevant argumentative essay definition tells it’s a piece of writing, supposed to express the writer’s opinion and convince a reader to accept it. Your viewpoint is the core position of the text. It can’t be ambiguous or not specified. Moreover, you have to be confident in your own words. No worries: if you can’t find your writing voice, Study Dots is always there to help!

How to Write an Argumentative Essay?

Establish a position you'll stick to, find reasons for the reader to trust you and start writing! Break a big assignment into three main parts: Introduction, Body Paragraph, and Conclusion. Try to use one format and font while writing; make sure to add some transition sentences in the body paragraph. Finally, leave some aftertaste, ideas to think about and discuss.

How to Start an Argumentative Essay?

Find a “hook” to make a reader interested. Provide some background on your reflections and clearly state a thesis to avoid misunderstanding. You'll get a full consultation when asking Study Dots to help: we know how to engage readers from the very beginning!

How to Conclude an Argumentative Essay?

Remake a thesis made in the introduction. Reexamine all the supporting ideas and see if there’s no mixed opinion in preceding paragraphs. Finally, identify the main points you want to highlight, so the reader will remember them.

Where to Find Argumentative Essay Examples?

Browsing the internet can give you a lot to think about. Type “example of an argumentative essay” and review if they match the structure. Our experts have chosen a few examples of argumentative essays and present in this article. Scroll to check all of them. The best argumentative essay sample needs to follow the rules. The introduction can start with a fun fact, on the contrary, you may use a statistical approach. The noticeable part aside from the topic is to remain on point when it comes to any argument. An applicable argumentative essay template will be coming up with refuting arguments that you can use against your opponent. The more conceivable you are to the other side, the more chances you receive when it comes to making your point of view appealing to the readers. Here’s another sample: the argumentative essay is used in colleges as widely as bullying essays, so you can simply ask senior students for advice. Especially, when doing it for the first time. At Study Dots, we don't have an argumentative essay template we continuously apply. Each of the written essays is unique. That’s why we get more regular customers, who trust their assignments just to our writers.

How do I Write an Argumentative Essay Thesis?

Use 1-2 sentences maximum, it shouldn’t be too long. Highlight the main idea. Don’t make it as an “announcement”, present your assertion is for 100% okay.

What Are the Main Parts of an Argumentative Essay?

The main parts you should include are an introduction, body paragraph, and conclusion. You can read in details about how to create each of the parts. No need to worry, when Study Dots is here! Having thousands of satisfied customers we guarantee your assignment is in dependable hands! We’ll be glad to provide you with the best quality of argumentative essay!

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