How to Write a COVID-19 Essay: Find Approach to the Hot Issue

covid-19 essay

Due to the major events in 2020, lots of students nowadays were asked to write an essay on COVID. It is a way to check your awareness and prevent misunderstanding in educational institutions.

Even familiar with the news and facts, you may be stuck with finding an approach to this job. Some students prefer custom paper services or someone’s help, while most of them choose to work independently. Using our instruction for the COVID essay, you’ll manage the task much faster. 

Choose the Topic for Your Paper on Pandemic

First, determine what you’ll tell them about. Giving you such a wide theme, the teacher expects you to define the concrete aspect. Don’t try to cover all the issues – you’ll sound too abstract. Better choose the problem to discover.

For this, you may revise the main types of essays and pick the topic depending on it.

  • Narrative composition. Such kind of text requires a personal experience on some issues. Here, you can write a “how COVID affected you” essay. Remember the first days of isolation or the consequences of this life-changing event. Share your thoughts and give some advice.
  • Argumentative essay. Your goal here is to persuade the reader. Choose the thesis to prove: for example, explain why people should maintain safety rules and wear masks because of coronavirus.
  • The expository one is a kind of review. Use facts and statistics to explain some processes like economic crises or political situations.
  • Analytical paper. Use arguments and facts to analyze some issues. In this case, you can define the main reasons for COVID spreading all over the world.

Surely, such classification is approximate and shouldn’t bound you. On the contrary, turn to it for creating new ideas and boosting creativity. You have a huge variety of topics and aspects to speak on, so keep calm – you’ll pick some issues.

covid 19 essay in english

Special Features of Essay on COVID-19

Writing about hot issues like coronavirus or climate change essay, be ready to maintain some norms. In addition to good arguments and structure, you should remember the rules of ethics and morals.

#1 Be Supportive and Humane

Lots of people survived the catastrophic consequences of the pandemic. Some of them were made redundant, others experienced an economic crisis. 

Moreover, many people were hospitalized during this period. Right now your examiners may survive hard times after losing close people. Show your awareness and support.

#2 Use Only True Facts

Nowadays, there is plenty of fake news and experts who spread misunderstanding in society. An essay about coronavirus should have serious research. Read only official sources of information – government and medical websites. This way you’ll improve your mark and get useful knowledge. Tracking the history of virus spread, be attentive, and don’t trust political news: the opinion of such experts here may be influenced by the international situation. 

#3 Put Some Advice 

Raising public awareness is the main goal of such a job. The government makes everything possible to soften the consequences of coronavirus, but it also requires personal responsibility. You can put such a piece of information in the conclusion. Tell how important it is to maintain the rules and be careful in a difficult period. 

essay about coronavirus

Organize Your Work

If you still have no idea how to complete the job and write an essay fast, you probably have problems with managing the process. Here is the ultimate approach for any written task: 

#1 Define the Topic and Information You Need

After you’ve decided what problem you want to tell about, define what facts, quotes, or cases you’ll require next. It helps to save time and keep the structure.

#2 Make a Research

Better do it in advance to have all info gathered. Use official websites and make short notes with the key points.

Do not distract from additional news and be definite in the way you are looking for. It is the best way to manage the task quickly.

#3 Reduce Any Noises and Set the Space

Choose the place to work and avoid all possible distractions. Tell your relatives or roommates you are going to work. Switch off the sound on your smartphone and computer. Be sure you work in a comfortable atmosphere and concentrate on the project.

#4 Get Down to Work 

Focus on what you do and do not stop. Use only notes you’ve before and try to avoid googling anything – this way you can find new information and decide to change something. Usually, it is not the best idea which only steals your time. 

#5 Reread and Edit

Give yourself some time to relax and forget about the text. It is a way to look at the composition with a fresh eye. After nearly half an hour, reread it and make edits if necessary. Banal grammar mistakes take away a lot of points, so be careful. You may use online services or ask your friends for help. 

If you have some troubles, it is easy to find examples of COVID-19 essay in English, or use professional services for help. However, if you want to manage the task on your own, be prepared for possible difficulties and be aware of the key particularities.