Privacy Policy

Study Dots (hereinafter the “Company”) is a private limited company that operates (hereinafter the “Site”).

The Company is striving to comply with the laws that oblige to obey in countries of the Company’s operation. This Privacy Policy explains the data processing rules, indicating responsibilities while processing personal data.

Study Dots never makes any attempts to obtain personal information from underage children.

The Company has a full understanding of the user’s wish to care about his own personal data security. The Company takes a serious attitude as possible. Study Dots Privacy Policy explains the way of how personal data is collected and used and discusses the user’s privacy rights. The Company understands that adhering to privacy policy rules involves two sides. Hence, Study Dots promises that this process will be accompanied by the constant update of this Privacy Policy. In addition, Study Dots is obliged to improve its practice in accordance with new privacy policies.

Company’s Responsibilities

If a user has registered or visited the Site, the Company has a right to act as the ‘data controller’ of his personal information. It implies that the Company establishes the way and reason for processing user data.

User’s Responsibilities

Be sure to read the Study Dots Privacy Policy carefully. If a user provides the Company with the personal data of other users, the Company is only allowed to use this information for the particular reason it was provided for. Once the data is sent, the user can expect that the data will be processed on his behalf in accordance with the Study Dots Privacy Policy.

The user has ensured that his personal information is kept confidential and secure.

What Information Do We Collect?

Personal information Study Dots collects may include, but is not limited to the customer’s name and surname. The Company may also collect such types of personal data from the customers as:

  • contact information (email address and phone number);
  • data that is obtained when a user visits the Site, so-called “Log Data”. They include user’s computer IP address, login information (user’s name and password), operating system, browser version and type, the pages of our Site visited by a user, specific time of his visit, time zone setting, geolocation information and other;
  • user birthday date;
  • information about using particular pages. It includes URLs of visited pages, goods/services viewed, time spent on the pages, errors that occurred, activities performed on the pages and other.

Why We Collect User Information?

Collecting users’ personal information by Study Dots is aimed at:

  • providing service to the customers;
  • keeping the site running;
  • improving the site;
  • for customer support;
  • for communicating with the users.

Ltd. uses and storages its customers’ personal information without sharing it with third parties without the user’s consent for doing so. Data processing is regulated by the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) 2018.

How the Company Gathers Personal Information

The Company gathers personal information when a user interacts with the site including:

  • the user visits a page of the site;
  • the Company calls a user;
  • the user uses the site;
  • the user receives emails from the Company;
  • the user chats with the Company for customer support;
  • the user connects integrations;
  • the user is signing up for an email subscription.

What Do We Do with User Personal Information?

User personal information is collected by Study Dots These data are hosted and stored within the European Economic Area (EEA). The present-day structure of the company implies transferring some data to countries that don’t belong to EEA. The workers and partners of this department are bound by the internal and external documents and policies. Data processing is conducted at the secured premises. Transferring of personal information can exclusively be performed in accordance with the rigorous requirements the Company adheres to. The protection of information is regulated by EU law.

When the user is providing his data to the Company, he agrees that the transfer of data is taking place.

Access to customer data is not given to any third parties. However, there may arise situations when providing user data can be required by law. Such cases should be discussed with the customer and be aimed at fulfilling our services to him.

During What Period the Data Is Kept?

The Company has a right to keep personal information about the user for 6 years. After, all the data is deleted from the database.

User’s Rights

Each user is allowed to choose not to provide the Site with personal information. In such a case, he has the possibility to visit the Site in order to browse the pages. However, the Company will not be able to conduct transactions without the user’s personal data.

Turning off cookies can be made in a browser via settings. A user can also block cookies in a browser in order to refuse this feature or delete cookies. When cookies are turned off, the user can still continue to perform the usual activities, that is, using the Site and browsing the pages. However, some features may be blocked.

Below is the list of the rights that belong to the user.

1. He has a right to access information about him including:

  • the types of data;
  • the purpose of processing the data;
  • third parties who obtain the user’s data;
  • the period during which the user’s data will be kept and rules used to determine the duration of this period;
  • other rights concerning the use of his data.

2. The user has a right to ask the Company for correcting any inaccurate personal data about him.

3. The user has a right to disagree with the way the Company uses the customer personal information for creating a user profile or makes automated decisions about the user. The data can be used to determine whether the Company to provide the user with the relevant information (for example, tailoring emails to the user based on his actions).

4. The user has a right to transferring his data to another service or Site. In this case, the Company has to give the user a copy of his data so that it could be clearly read. The Company can also transfer the user’s data directly to another service on the customer’s request.

5. The user can ask for deleting his personal information if he thinks that this data is no longer necessary for the Company. The site cannot store the user’s personal information without his consent.

6. The user has a right to write a complaint concerning the use of his personal information on the Site. A complaint can be addressed to the Commissioner for Personal Data Protection.

In the context of this right Study Dots will provide the user with the requested information within 30 days. The request can be fulfilled faster in case if there is a justified requirement to do so.

Security of Data Processed

Study Dots applies security and organizational measures in order to secure the data collected from the customers. The Company accepted security policies and signed contracts with the workers and partners. In a result, they are obliged to conduct the necessary technical and organizational measures. The Company has also its own internal Information Security Policy.

Connections made by the user to the Site are encrypted with the use of 256-bit SSL. Its integrity is assured by the SHA2 ECDSA algorithm.

The user acknowledges that it is not possible to create an absolutely secure infrastructure, no transmission of personal data over the Internet can be 100% secure. There may be many other security-related risks.

The user is fully responsible for his login and password and keeping this data confidential.

Transferring of the User’s Personal Information

Study Dots strives to protect the security of users’ personal information with appropriate guarantees. The Company endeavors to use the data in accordance with the practices described in its Privacy Policy. By avoiding collecting and storing sensitive information about the users, Study Dots tries to minimize the risk of ruining their rights.


Cookies are short files that contain data that a Site transfers to a user’s computer to keep the record of his activities on the Site.

Study Dots uses cookies for the purpose of ensuring the proper functioning of the Site and aggregating traffic data, for example, determining the popularity of pages. Study Dots uses more persistent cookies exclusively for legitimate interests.

Study Dots uses such categories of cookies as:

  • Strictly needed cookies. Such cookies are needed for the Site to operate correctly. They allow running the Site and using its capabilities. Such cookies do not identify a user as a person. One can disagree to use this type of cookies but it can result in improper operation of the Site or its components.
  • Cookies related to performance, effectiveness, and analytics. Such cookies help the Company to understand how the user interacts with the Site by providing information about the areas he visited and the amount of time he spent on the Site. They also show problems in the work of Internet resource like error messages. These cookies help the Company to improve the operation of the Site.
  • Analytics related cookies. These cookies are helpful in measuring the efficiency of advertising campaigns and optimizing the content of the Site for those who are engaged in its advertisement. These cookies are not used for the user’s identification. All the data that is collected and stored is anonymous.
  • Cookies related to advertising. This type of cookies is used to record information about the user’s online activities. It includes visits to the Site, links, and advertisements that the user chooses to view. The Company uses these files to collect information about his activities on the web in order to determine his interests. It allows the Site to offer advertisements that suit his interests and on which he has given his consent.

The Site captures limited data (user-agent, HTTP referrer, last URL requested by the user, client-side and server-side clickstream) related to the visits to the Site. This data can be used by the Company for the purpose of analyzing patterns and performing system maintenance. Each user has several options on how to manage these files on his devices.

Every browser allows blocking or deleting cookies from his device. A user may find information about the privacy features in the browser to know what can be done if he needs to manage cookies.

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