Reflective Essay as the Best Adventure for Your Imagination

Reflective Essay

Writing a reflective essay you should go into the past or imagine a singular situation. No need to be a writer to have an exciting story you’d like to tell the readers about. However, with all these requirements it’s getting tough to follow a unique story. Don’t worry! It’s easier than it looks like!

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Reflective Essay Topics

There are some ideas for a great reflective essay:

  • Evoke the places you visited. It may be a beach, high mountain or a desert. You could go there a month or a year ago, and your experience could be at the top level or simply horrifying. Don’t be uncertain to share with the readers or group mates when composing an essay. A personal reflective essay example is something people can feel in your words, even if it’s about artificial subjects.
  • Life-changing events. Do you have a very precious memory, special date or an unexpected breakthrough? You can identify more of the reflective essay samples online, but personal feelings and conclusions are always better.
  • Imagined things. Creative writers are the best dreamers! Struggling how to start a reflective essay, you may acknowledge there’s nothing to talk about, but have you seen your inner world as well? As a “mirror image” reflection is supposed to initiate the action or show the hidden emotions. You’d like to describe yourself in the future? Some strong emotions or embarrassing moments? Go ahead, a reflective essay is all about it!
  • Highly important personalities. Not just about the Hollywood stars, but for people who have changed your life, even subconsciously. Writing a reflective essay, remind yourself about a friend, coach or someone who betrayed you in the last moment.

personal reflective essay example

How to Compose a Reflective Essay Outline

First, you’ll never get a high mark without a good plan. Surround yourself with information. A reflective essay format is supposed to be connected with logical events in an appropriate order. Don’t dive in without being fully prepared.

The best advice on how to start a reflective essay introduction – make it at the last minute. No matter, senior or junior year, you’ll always find part “after” writing more inspiring than apart “before”.

To convey a great piece of writing, recall the strengths and weaknesses leading you through a story. There can be many shots for personal reflective essay examples, but you’re never going to make it without being inspired.

The benefits of outlining fully-detailed are:

  • Avoid complicated info. You’ll know what to write about and what is best to escape. The important voices in a story and those you can remove, especially in a reflective essay title.
  • The plan established by yourself. A reflective analysis essay is not hard because of the requirements. You may simply get lost in all of the life story changes.
  • Guide for a senior year. You can always get back to your plan and start improving the carcass, but you’ll never return to something you haven’t started. The point is – having a good “map”, you’ll pick up the reflective essay example from the place you left off without getting lost in details and time-zone (figuratively).

personal reflective essay examples

Notes About Reflective Essay Structure

College students may ask “How long should a reflective essay be?” Not to disappoint, but there’s no strict answer or a standard. As long as you’re deeply in a topic, engaged in events or your imagination, keep writing!

The basics are pretty simple and the same as for narrative essays: you need to distinguish the opening text, body, and conclusion. Common for most of the essays, isn’t it? But not as easy as in many English reflective essay examples.

No doubt, that you think the essay for university should have the story as the main part. But it defies even a reflective essay definition (writer examines his or her life and experience)! Since we already discussed, think critically and follow the next advice – no submitting until you rearranged the situation properly and spiced the things up with a practical critique.

Embracing the body paragraph and reflective essay topic, recall the impact this person or an event made on you. If you’ve had a dream or just some kind of inspiration, think why you got so attached to it. It’s a good exercise to feel the things primarily, as they are. Students should pay more attention to their emotions and how they’re driven to do or not to do something under this powerful impact.

A reflective essay is best described as an essay that appraises a writer’s experience. As a wise man once said:

“Life can only be understood backward, but it must be lived forwards” Søren Kierkegaard

So, it’s not just another whim of your college professor, it’s a pretty useful exercise even for people-not-writers.

What Else in a Reflective Essay Rubric?

You can recognize many discrepancies in reflective essay examples even browsing the internet. It’s because writing takes a lot of time to prepare and create. People get lost and forget about proofreading.

On one hand, there’s never should be another main character. A self-reflective essay puts an accent on YOU and everything happening around YOU. Forget about the thesis statement telling the awkward things and missing the one hero of a story. Make an intrigue for readers to get them engaged.

On the other hand, a common mistake when writing a reflective essay is to describe a poor, trivial idea and poor conclusion in the result. A reflective paper you’re working with needs a certain goal that you’re going to achieve. Your text should be concentrated on completing it.

As exclusion, don’t take too long. When feeling you’re out of phrases or reflective essay ideas, take this some time to grow into a good piece. It’s okay for students to get lost in the material. Just don’t let a fatigue or writer’s block to lower your eventual grade.

personal reflective essay examples

Reflective Essay: Questions You Want to Ask

“The real man smiles in trouble, gathers strength from distress, and grows brave by reflection” Thomas Paine

That’s how to inspire yourself for a reflective narrative essay. There are no losers or winners. So, answering the question “How to make an essay work on me?” we’ll say “Just write it”. Do it to feel a positive result.

After a whole critique and analysis in the body part, combine peace and calmness into a succinct conclusion. Use a reflective essay template, if taking things seriously. It helps to organize your mind around a task and know what to focus on during a writing process.

A critical reflective essay is very helpful at high school as well: you might describe the fear of a future career choice or the family relationships and the whole “becoming adults” process. The right topic is just around the corner.

Another opinion “Can I write a reflective essay on personal values?” We’d say “How else should it be written?” The world on paper is yours. Show a true personality you’re inspired to be, show someone who you look up to. Tell about the critical breakthrough which happened a month ago, etc. But never regret your life principles to just show yourself in a different light.

Making Long Story Short

No matter you are writing a reflective or enduring essay, take a few days to research a topic, a few more to embrace the emotions (good or bad ones, doesn’t matter) and of course, add some humor to make everything easier.

Like what you’re doing now and remember there’s no rating for a true reflection. Each story has an end and can be a good lesson for anyone to learn from. So, more thinking, less hesitating!

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